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New development 
In the past weeks we have completely redesigned the DSF Weihe with 4.50 m span.weihe45 FPlan
In addition to a new airfoil developed by Helmut Quabeck, the fuselage was constructed with whole frames, standing on a construction slipway. The skid is virtually integrated as an extension of the formers. Milled parts were also developed for building the canopy. And so there are still many small adjusting screws on which we have worked, so that the construction is easier and better now.
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Dear Friends of model sailplane sports, 

We are glad you visit our site!

We are interested in the old gliders from the years before 1960. We produce these gliders in pure wood construction and offer them as milled or wooden kits.
Vintage gliders like the Minimoa, Grunau-Baby or the Lo100 have always caused our enthusiasm.
The first project should of course be something special. In many conversations and contacts with fellow pilots the desire for gliders with a wingspan of about 4 meters could be heard again and again. The decision for the first project has been influenced by these "boundary conditions".


KInd regards

The Team of CNC-Components

Gudrun Baars