The ASK 13

The first project . . .

for us it was the ASK 13! She was built as a quarter-scale replica on a scale of 1: 4, with a wingspan of 4 meters. This glider was a training bi-plane of the company Alexander Schleicher aircraft, which was developed in 1965 by Rudolf Kaiser based on the Ka 7. First flight of the prototype took place in July 1966 at the flyground of the Wasserkuppe. The glider was identified by ID D-5701.

In the period between 1966 and 1980, a total of 617 units were built. In addition, there are about 80 licensed planes, which were built in Oerlinghausen or individual clubs. However, there were always smaller deviations, for example in the rounding of the nose, in the rudder or molding of the wing to the fuselage.

Although after the 4-meter ASK we wanted to constract gliders like the Ka 8, Bergfalke (Mü 13) or DSF Habicht, an interesting customer order led us to rebuild the ASK 13 instead. This time with a wingspan of 5 meters!During the construction of this "follow-up model" particular attention was paid to a simplified runner skid construction. For this reason the frames received an "extension" in the form of the continuous skid, so that only the wheel case has to be fitted and the side panels and base plate attached (wheel case and side panels are included in the milling set).

The wings are built with ailerons in a hollow groove. The GRP brakes extend up and down as the original ones.

A 30 mm V2A tube with 2 mm wall is used as a plug-in, so the glider can also withstand some turns and loops.

Meanwhile, the prototype has been equipped with an electric motor to be independent of towing machines. Even with this facilities the ASK 13 flies absolutely quiet like her big double.
A so-called C6374-200kw engine has been installed with a controller in 100 A high-voltage version and 10 LiPo cells (2 x 5 cells) with 5000 mAh.
The folding air screw is a 20 x 13 Freudenthaler and is mounted on the engine extension shaft with a Ramoser centerpiece with blade holders on the motor extension axle.